Survey Says....

Many thanks to all the students, staff and parents who filled out the SurveyMonkey survey.  We heard you all (even if some of the details were conflicting!) 

Here's are of the major points we took away from the Student Survey:
1) Here's what you thought of Gunn HS campus on your first day of school

2) Here's how the current paint scheme makes you feel:

3) But when we asked how you would LIKE to feel on campus, here's what you said:

4) It's a little tougher to determine what colors to use, however.  We showed you guys four general color palettes (Earth tones, Jewel Tones, Classic Tones and Neutral Tones) and there was only a slight edge for Earth and Neutral tones. 

We'll be posting PDF links to complete survey results shortly.  And stay tuned...we're working on the designs as we type...