Schools should be spaces that INSPIRE, allowing its users to better CONNECT with each other and their surroundings based on a design that serves the needs of the COMMUNITY.

Our project aims to:


What improvements do you want to see at Gunn High School? When spaces are beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring, that enables the occupants to perform at their best. Inspiring spaces promote mental well being, stimulate ideation and intellectual engagement. We aim to create a fresh and vibrant look on campus using color. 


How can color be used to create those improvements? Students spend 8-10 hours on campus each day, inhabiting a variety of rooms, moving through a busy collection of outdoor corridors and spaces. Color can uplift and bring beauty, but more so, it can be effectively used to define the user's experience, increase a sense of place, and better integrate spaces. To create the best design, we aim to connect with the campuses users. 


Who better to drive the design of our project than its users? The students and Staff of Gunn High School best understand the daily rhythm of school life. Our process depends on engaging the community through workshops, surveys, focus groups, and meetings. The students are our main stakeholders and will decide on the final design. Our team will combine our experience with feedback we receive from students, teachers, facilities and parents, unveiling the best design to the Palo Alto community.