Welcome to our project!

The Paint Gunn High School project is underway. Palo Alto based Architarian Design has been hired by the PAUSD to generate a color scheme to be painted on Gunn's campus this Summer. Our multi-disciplinary team offers a unique skill set of qualifications to bring what we believe to be the best and most well curated design to re-paint the campus this Summer. Our stakeholders and decision makers are the students of Gunn High School. Our design team also includes guidance from PAUSD Staff and Facilities. Almost the entire campus serves as our blank canvas to provide a fresh and updated look to the Palo Alto community. 

We created this blog so you, the community members, can read about our project as it naturally unfolds. Our approach is broken up into two main phases: User Research and Design Development. We are currently in our User Research phase where we are engaging students to determine what is most important to them. We do this by setting up workstations at popular campus events where we invite any and all students to participate. We have started to meet with smaller focus groups to obtain an even broader perspective. We will also be sending out online surveys to students, teachers, and parents to further cast our net into our user group.   

Design Development will be focused on putting our skill set into action by responding to our User Research. Ideas we generate will be shared with the student based focus groups and further developed until we all reach the best design. This phase is when we pull out the trace paper and begin creating drawings to share. We will also share inspirational images and engage in ideas we like that align with what our users like. 

We are already enthusiastic about our findings and some of the interactions we have had with the community. Based on our team's experience and personal interests, we have lots of great ideas and look forward to combining those with feedback from the students.